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4.3: Differential Rate Law Lab Report

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    This page describes what you need to do to complete and submit the assignment.

    Downloads & Forms

    Printable Procedures A printed copy will be provided in lab
    Printable Data Sheet: A printed copy will be provided in lab 
    Google Sheet Template - this link makes a copy of the lab template that you use to develop your Google Lab Workbook

    Google Form - Use the form associated with your lab to submit the URL of your Google Lab Workbook to your instructor through this form

    Table \(\PageIndex{1}\): Lab section assignment Submission forms
      Chem140311L Form (Tues) Chem140312L Form (Wed)
    Class Data Sheet
    (all groups upload their data to this sheet)
    Google Form
    (for registering your workbook with your instructor)



    This list outlines the tasks in submiting your report for experiment 4.2: Lab - Differential Rate Law

    1. At the end of class submit your data to the "Class Data Sheet" for your lab section in table \(\PageIndex{1}\)
    2. Click the Google Sheet Template and make a copy.  This will be your workbook and it will pull data from the Class Data Sheet.
    3. Share the workbook with your instructor and give you instructor full edit access (section 5 Google Workbook Basics)
    4. Submit the URL of your workbook to your instructor using the form in Table \(\PageIndex{1}\)
    5.  Fill out the fields in the workbook.  Brownish ones are for data and calculated values that were calculated in previous tabs, blue are for calculated values being done on a specific sheet (tab).
    6. Once completed convert your entire Workbook to a PDF (not just the coverpage).
    7. Upload the PDF version of the entire workbook to the ADAPT system before the lab deadline usig the File Submission Form below



    File Submission 

    ADAPT \(\PageIndex{1}\)


    This page titled 4.3: Differential Rate Law Lab Report is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Robert Belford.

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