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1.2: Graphing Lab Report

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    Graphing Lab Report Links

    Google Sheet Template: This link makes a copy of the lab template that you use to develop your Google Lab Workbook

    Google Form: For registering your workbook with your instructor



    This list outlines the tasks in the Graphing Exercise Procedures

    1. Click the Google Sheet Template and make a copy.  This will be your workbook.
    2. Share the workbook with your instructor and give you instructor full edit access (section 5 Google Workbook Basics)
    3. Submit the URL of your workbook to your instructor using the Google form above
    4. Use the data in the Graphing Exercise Procedures to make a workbook with six tabs (sheets). (Steps 2 & 3 give your instructor access to the workbook)
    5. Convert your Workbook to a PDF
    6. Upload the PDF version of the workbook to the ADAPT system before the lab deadline in the File Submission Form below


    Checklist for submitted report (Google Sheet): 

    • Appropriate Title of the Document, and at the top of the sheet (identifying it as your work). 

    • Each tab has graph and the data used to create that graph.

      • Tab 1 Coverpage

        • 5 graphs, 4 questions

      • Tab 2: Linear Graph Salt A

      • Tab 3: Linear Graph Salt B

      • Tab 4: Comparison Linear Graph Salt A&B

      • Tab 5: Power functions

        • Graph 4&5 and data

      • Tab 6: Exponential Functions

        • Graph 6&7 and data

    • Coverpage has all required graphs and questions filled out.

      • You must state the connection between Graphs 4 & 5 and Graphs 6 & 7. This can be described in a sentence or can be shown algebraically.

    • Graph Requirements

      • Title
      • Axes Labels
        • Both x axis and y axis are labeled with appropriate units
      • General Trend makes sense for data
      • Follows design requirements from libretext
      • Equations and R2 are visible and using appropriate function


    File Submission

    ADAPT \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    This page titled 1.2: Graphing Lab Report is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Robert Belford.

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