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5: LoggerPro

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    UALR has a license that allows students in General Chemistry to install the Logger graphing software on their own laptops and this software not only has spreadsheet functionality but interfaces with their probes. This software is well developed for teaching labs and has many features we will not use, and it is not required.  But students are encouraged to download and use it, as the more experience you have with different types of graphing software the more valuable your education will be. There two ways you can use the LoggerPro software

    1. Data Analysis - you can download it to your destop or laptop, collect data with the LabQuest and transfer it to a flashdrive  and then open it with the LoggerPro software.  There are automated functions in logger pro that you can use, or you can code those functions in Google Sheets.  At the end of the day all assignments but be submitted to your Google Workbook.
    2. Data Acquisition - students may want to bring the laptop to lab and directly transfer data to their laptop.  This is not required and a student assumes all liability for any damage done to their laptop.  Simply speaking you can destroy a laptop by pouring water on the keyboard, never mind hydrochloric acid!  So you must keep your laptop a safe distance from the experimental apparatus.  Due to COVID 19 only the student who owns a laptop can touch the keyboard of their own laptop.  But you can work as a team and delegate the work to members of the team. You must keep your station neat.

    LoggerPro Download

    Contact your instructor for instructions on how to download the LoggerPro 3.15 software.You need to give them your operating system, and they will give you a link with a password.  The following links from Vernier should assist you.



    LoggerPro Video Tutorials

    The Following tutorials were developed by Vernier Software

    Video \(\PageIndex{1}\): Logger Pro 3 Basics, 3:05 video by Vernier (

    Video \(\PageIndex{2}\): Graph Options in Logger Pro, 2:52 video by Vernier (

    Video \(\PageIndex{3}\): Basic Data Analysis in Logger Pro, 3:02 video by Vernier (

    Video \(\PageIndex{4}\): Collecting Data in Logger Pro, 2:13 video by Vernier (

    Video \(\PageIndex{5}\): Organizing the Logger Pro Window, 4:20 video by Vernier (



    This page titled 5: LoggerPro is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by Robert Belford.

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