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Textbook Completing Checklist

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    1: Accessibility Checker

    Run the Accessibility Checker over each page to check for major accessibility issues. This is accessed via the black Vitruvian Man icon on the editor toolbar (far right):


    Select "All accessibility Issues" and address concerns as needed.


    2: Summary II

    Write a short (or longish) summary paragraph that is pasted to the top page. This text doesn't show up in the printed version, but provides a valuable overview to faculty and students when loading your text. This is best forumulated to address: (1) the target course(s) of the text, (2) the target audience, e.g., lower divisional, introductory etc., (3) specific flavors/emphasis of the text e.g., if the text has a cultural responsive or localized focus. It isn't needed to add authors to this summary since that is covered by the branding bar and attribution footer.



    3: Bots

    While this part of the publishing and compiling process, authors can request bots to run over existing page on a book at any time. The standard bot is the "Bradbot" named after Brad Pitt, which is so named since the bot "prettifies" the page by standardizing underlying code that may be difficult to establish manually.

    Meta Data

    1: Summary II

    Rewrite the summary from above into the "summary" block under the "page settings" (you may need to expand it). This has a limited amount of text (about three lines) that is about the size of a tweet (280 characters). This summary will show up in searches for books, also is used for the Commons catalog entry for the text after being compiled and it also shows up on the back of physical copies of the text.


    Licensing Issues

    1: Check Licensing

    When the PDF is generated (Via the PDF button), a licensing map will be general that shows authors a detailed list of applicable licensing at each page. 


    Find the pages that are labeled as "undeclared" and change those pages to the appropriate license (in the page settings).



    Textbook Completing Checklist is shared under a CC BY license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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