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10.2.6: Accessibility Review

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    The conductor provides a checklist for a complete manual peer review, but many of the categories can be done using a software bot that is under construction. If you select Accessibility Check in the Project Ribbon

    Accessibility Buttonclipboard_ef8be3261b4ee0d8398658128f0799144.png

    you will move to the Accessibility Check Page. The top of the Accessiblity Check Page is a Discussion area which is similar to the others in each LibreTexts Project Page

    Accessibility Discussion


    the bottom is the Accessibility Complicance Review Matrix which has 35 checks for each page

    Do all images have meaningful alt text? For images not requiring alt text, is it marked as decorative? Is all alt text under 150 characters? (Consider a caption instead)


    Removed all empty links? Removed all Suspicious Link Text? Are URLs outside of LibreTexts labelled properly? (third party URL destination)


    Is text contrast 4.5:1 for text 18pt and smaller? Is text contrast 3:1 for text over 18pt? Do graphical links/buttons have 3:1 contrast ratio?


    Is all text larger than 10pt? Alter text size? Keep line height at least 1.5 times the font size. Alter text size? Spacing following paragraphs is 2x the font size. Alter text size? Letter spacing is 0.12 times the font size. Alter text size? Word spacing is 0.16 times the font size.


    Alter text size? Word spacing is 0.16 times the font size. There are no empty headings Heading Outline


    Do form fields have a label? Can you navigate questions and answered radio buttons?


    Do tables have column and row headers? Are the tables labeled? No tables are embedded as images


    Are ordered lists properly labeled? Are unordered lists properly labeled?


    Documents DIV
    Does document link make sense and followed up with (FILETYPE)? Is the document accessible?


    Does the video have captions? Can you navigate the video player controls? If no transcript, does the audio have a transcript? Does the video have audio descriptions or a media alternative if necessary?


    Navigation DIV Sensory Characteristics Timing Computer Code
    Can you use the keyboard to access all content displayed? All DIV boxes are converted to SECTION LANDSCAPE Instructions provided for interactive content do not rely solely on shape, color, size, visual location, orientation, or sound Time limits meet criteria Inserting code for review? Ensure that characters and spaces are included as alt text for screenreaders.


    The compliance matrix can be synched to the books using the blue button on the far right

    Accessibility Matix for Each LibreTexts Book












    10.2.6: Accessibility Review is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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