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5.7: Adding H5P (formative) Activities

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    LibreTexts content can be enhanced with interactive H5P technology ( On this page we will discuss how this technology operates formatively (i.e., without a gradebook) within the LibreTexts platform.  LibreText Adapt can be used to make H5P problems into summative activities. The H5P activities are stored on a dedicated Wordpress server, not on the Library servers. Embedding an activity into a LibreTexts page is a three-step process:

    Step 1: Create or locate the activity

    Browse the LibreStudio server ( to see if there may already be an H5P activity that you can use.  If your credentials do not allow logging into the server, consult the LibreTexts development team for access (

    You can also upload the desired activity into the H5P LibreStudio server.  There are many public domain H5P activities on the H5P project server and elsewhere that you may find useful and want to import into LibreStudio to use in a LibreText.

    And in the likely event you cannot find a problem that does exactly what you have in mind, you can create your own problem in LibreStudio!  See the H5P project site ( for full instructions on this process, and look at example problems to get ideas.


    Step 2: Copy the ID Number of the desired activity

    Once you have created an H5P activity, look for the H5P ID number.  Click on the activity and the following information should be displayed on the right.  Note the H5P ID at the bottom of this list.


    Step 3: Insert ID Number into H5P Template on page

    The H5P template lets authors embed the H5P activity into a page (page > elements > template).


    Once the template is added to the page, all you have to do is change the ID number of the activity here to the one you located in Step 2 (in the place of 5 in below template).


    Save the page. An example activity is below:

    Query \(\PageIndex{1}\)

    5.7: Adding H5P (formative) Activities is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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