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4.8: Compiling, Batching, and the Download Center

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    Texts are available for exporting via two processes on the LibreTexts platform: Compiling and Batching.


    While most users access the content on the LibreTexts directly via our web interface, other mechanisms for dissemination exist as discussed in Chapter 8 of the Construction Guide.

    Since compiling is a both a time consuming and CPU consuming activity, to reduce server load, only specific users have access to force compiling in real time. Contact the development team ( to request this permission.

    Initial step: "Compile"

    To compile a book access must be set to public using the restrict access selection in the Options menu drop down and the Cover Page menu in the Page Settings must be set. One can choose to make the book downloadable or not.


    Using the pdf button the book can now be compiled


    Once the text has been compiled, then a new blue "Download" buttons appear on the top right of the book.


    If changes are made in a compiled book it must be recompiled so that the changes are reflected in the printed versions. A simple compile is faster but if the structure of the LibreTexts has been changed (pages/chapters added or deleted) a full compile is needed.



    Resources on the LibreTexts platform are considered dynamic and constantly being edited as they are curated or updated. To ensure readers have access to the up to date version of the resources, automatic weekly batch compilation is implemented on each library.

    • biology: Saturday @ 0:30
    • business: Saturday @12:30
    • chemistry: Sunday @ 0:30
    • engineering: Sunday @12:30
    • espanol: Monday @ 0:30
    • geosciences: Monday @12:30
    • humanities: Tuesday @ 0:30
    • law: Tuesday @12:30 (not implemented yet)
    • mathematics: Wednesday @ 0:30
    • medicine: Wednesday @12:30
    • physics: Thursday @ 0:30
    • social sciences: Thursday @12:30
    • statistics: Friday @ 0:30
    • workforce: Friday @12:30

    4.8: Compiling, Batching, and the Download Center is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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