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3.11: Page Titles

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    I wanted to mention the title format that we have adopted on the LibreTexts for pages. Unless impossible to do, it is desired that each page be formatted like this

    "XX.YY: title"


    • XX is the chapter number
    • YY is the section number
    • title is the page title

    If the title has a colon in it (other than the colon after the chapter.section combo), please convert it to a dash.

    Several exceptions to this format include:

    • Chapter Summaries: "XX.S: Chapter Title (Summary)"),
    • Chapter Exercises: "XX:.E Chapter Title (Exercises)" and
    • Section Subpages (avoid if possible), which should be then indicated by adding a letter (alphabetically). e.g., "4.3A: Cats are cute" and "4.3B: Dogs are cute" are both subsections to section/page "4.3: Animals are cute"

    This approach preserves the curation and Remixing ability of the pages. It also preserves the automatic equation/figure/table numbering that uses the title of the page.

    As an example of this approach, here is a snippet of the organization of a Bio text:

    BIS 103: Bioenergetics and Metabolism (Callis)

    If, when you are logged in and looking at a page for which you have editing right, when you move the mouse to the title line at the top you will see a pencil at the far right hand side


    If you select the pencil you will see a dialog


    The top line is the Title of the page and can be changed as you will. The number, which can be X, or XX or XX.YY interacts with \(PageIndex{}\) numbering. The second line is the system URL for the page. Sometimes this is grayed out, and will change when you change the Title line. As  you can see here, the URL starts with 02: but the Title with 2: The reason for this is that if the URLs are a single number, and there are more than 9 of them, the URL starting with 10, 11, etc, will go before those starting with 1, 2, 3, etc. and you may have to use the remixer, or change the URLs by hand.


    3.11: Page Titles is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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