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4.1: Interactive Figures

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  • Interactive figure and simulations can be found in the Ancillary Materials section of each Library. For example, there are simulations, visualization and interactive figures in the Ancillary Matgerials sections of the Libraries. They can be added into textbook pages by simply translcuding in the same way outline in Section 3.1A by clicking "Content Reuse" with the pull down menu. Below is an example of embedding the Javascript figure from this page:

    into the page you are viewing

    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Interactive CalcPlot3D created by Paul Seeburger (Monroe Community College).

    Other interactive web-based tutorials and simulations that take advantage of computational resources of an online resource. This involve other active feedback simulations including virtual laboratories, tutorials, and real-time concept tests.


    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Interactive Applications that can be embedded into pages including Simulations like PhET.

     And here is an embedded Beer's lab PhET simulation.