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1.2: General Glassware

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    Beaker Erlenmeyer Flask Powder Funnel Graduated Cylinder
    beakers.jpg erlenmeyerFlask.jpg glassFunnel.jpg grad4.jpg
    Used by all sciences. to contain solutions; can be easily swirled. for pouring solids into a beaker or any container. Other kind of funnels can be used to pour liquid. Used mainly for measuring liquid volume.

    Side Arm Flask T est Tubes Watch glass
    3sac.jpg 6ttc.jpg 5wgc.jpg
    Commonly used in filtering processes involving vacuum filtration, often with a buchner funnel or crucible funnel. The inlet may be connected to a vacuum source, such as a water aspirator. It is also known as Suction flask.
    Classified as TC (to contain), test tubes are used to hold samples. Shown at left are several placed in a test tube rack. Commonly used to cover containers; also can be used for miscellan eous tasks

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