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12.S: Reactions at the α-Carbon, Part I (Summary)

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    Before moving on to the next chapter, you should:

    • Understand what is meant by 'a and b positions' relative to a carbonyl group.
    • Understand how an enzyme can increase the acidity of an a-proton through the active site microenvironment
    • Understand the 3D bonding arrangement of an enolate ion
    • Be able to recognize and draw reasonable mechanisms for the following reaction types:
      • tautomerizations: keto-enol, imine-enamine
      • racemization/epimerization
      • carbonyl isomerization (changing position of a carbonyl group)
      • alkene isomerization (changing position of an alkene relative to carbonyl)
      • aldol addition, retro-aldol cleavage (both enolate intermediate and enamine intermediate mechanisms)
    • Be able to draw a mechanism for a laboratory alkylation reaction at the a-carbon of a ketone or aldehyde. Understand the difference between kinetic and thermodynamic control of this reaction type, and be able to predict the regiochemical outcome of the reaction based on reaction conditions.

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