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6: UV-Vis

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    • 6.1: What Causes Molecules to Absorb UV and Visible Light
      This page explains what happens when organic compounds absorb UV or visible light, and why the wavelength of light absorbed varies from compound to compound.
    • 6.2: Solar Energy - UVA, UVB, UVC
      Solar energy (sunlight) contains light we can see, and some we cannot. Visible light has wavelengths of 750 to 400 nm. Ultraviolet (UV) light has shorter wavelengths, cannot be seen, and has higher energy. Infrared (IR) radiation is the major source of heat for Earth. Though UV is a fraction of sunlight, it can be damaging to living organisms. All of these are forms of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum.
    • 6.3: Sunscreen
      Of all the types of ionizing radiation, people come into more contact with ultraviolet radiation, which is produced naturally by the sun and artificially by lamps and tanning bed. Scientific research has correlated certain types of skin cancers (mainly basal and squamous cell) with the use of these devices. Besides skin cancer, tanning beds cause premature aging and damage to your eyes. If a tanning bed is not properly sanitized between uses, skin diseases can be transmitted from one consumer to

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