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1.6: Installing Mathematica

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    What is Mathematica?

    Mathematica is a technical computing environment sold by Wolfram Research. It can be run on both desktop computers and on the web. We generally recommend that you use the desktop version. The assignments presented here use Mathematica 12.1.

    Obtaining Mathematica

    Many universities have a site license that gives students and faculty free access to Mathematica. Your instructor can provide more information about accessing Mathematica at your school.

    If your school does not have a site license, you will need to purchase a copy. A 15-day free trial is available, as are discounts for students and faculty.

    Mathematica is free for the Raspberry Pi. Although the Raspberry Pi is somewhat slower than a typical desktop or laptop computer, the Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica has all of the functionality of the desktop computer version (except for some of the most compute-intensive machine learning-based computer vision functions). In general, this should not be a problem, as the rate limiting steps in these tutorials is usually remote database access. In general, it is recommended that you have a Raspberry Pi with 4 GB of RAM (or more) for best performance, but these tutorials should work even on Raspberry Pi's with 1 GB of RAM (however the graphical user interface may be quite slow).

    Getting Started with Mathematica

    Some resources for getting started in Mathematica are provided in the appendix.

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