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Baking & Pastry Visit and Experiment

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    There is no class in PS 275 from 12;30 - 2:00 on Wednesday May 11th, but a 30 minute class tour of the Baking & Pastry facilities is scheduled in its stead. The class roster has been divided into thirds since we cannot all fit at one time. Your scheduled time is listed below.

    Please meet outside of the Pastry Shop located next to the Norseman Restaurant on the second floor of the new HSF Building which is next to the Student Services Center and across from the Bookstore. Please come a few minutes before the time that you are scheduled below and be prompt since the Baking & Pastry students and staff will be working during the time that we are there and have kindly arranged the tours in the middle of their busy schedule. Be sure to advise me by e-mail if you cannot make your scheduled time.

    Also, the lab experiment for Monday May 9th and for May 1th post-visit, which relates to our visit is posted:

    And, the third and final amino acid to build with molview that generates the embed code to be sent by e-mail has been assigned below.

    The regular 2:00-5:00 lab will be held after the tour.

    Weds. ChemWiki
    Sec. 2095 (Monday Lab) 11-May amino acid III
    Griffin, Quinncy 12:30 tyronsine
    Jermany, DiDi 12:30 asparagine
    Simpson, Daniel 12:30 glutamine
    Yinges, Sabella (n/a) 12:30 lysine
    Clary, Miranda M. 12:30 phenyl alanine
    Jansuy, Nikko 12:30 proline
    Marmol-Montano, Douglas 12:30 threonine
    Xie, Jimmy 12:30 tryptophan
    Araujo, Jonny 12:30 tyronsine
    Cuevas, John 12:30 arginine
    Johnson, Dea 12:30 asparagine
    Nelson, Chrissy 1:00 glutamine
    Luo, Ken 1:00 lysine
    Taylor, Alison 1:00 phenyl alanine
    Wasson, Andres 1:00 proline
    Williams, Mahlia 1:00 threonine
    Xia, Jiahong (Xia) 1:00 tryptophan
    Chem 106: Chemistry for Non-Science Majors
    Weds. ChemWiki
    Sec. 2098 (Wednesday Lab) 11-May amino acid III
    Gomez, Juan 1:00 arginine
    Kirsch, Grayson 1:00 asparagine
    Lopez-Jimenez, Cris 1:00 glutamine
    Vazquez, Mario 1:00 lysine
    Kuldiner, Hanna 1:00 threonine
    Garcia, Yessica 1:30 phenyl alanine
    King, Devin 1:30 proline
    Zaeem, Khaleel 1:30 tryptophan
    Azevedo, Lauren 1:30 tyronsine
    Ibrahimkhail, Safa 1:30 arginine
    Smyrl, Josiah 1:30 asparagine
    Zhou, Honaye 1:30 glutamine
    Batchelor-Lopez, Sarah 1:30 lysine
    Khadbaatar, Zaya 1:30 phenyl alanine
    Kuang, Weihan ( Johnny) 1:30 proline
    Ross, Sean 1:30 threonine
    Krezo, Mario 1:30 tryptophan

    DVC Chem 106: Rusay

    Baking & Pastry Visit and Experiment is shared under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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