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2.7: Thermochemistry

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  • Unit 8 Objectives

    • Define energy, distinguish types of energy, and describe the nature of energy changes that accompany chemical and physical changes
    • Distinguish the related properties of heat, thermal energy, and temperature
    • Define and distinguish specific heat and heat capacity, and describe the physical implications of both
    • Perform calculations involving heat, specific heat, and temperature change
    • State the first law of thermodynamics
    • Define enthalpy and explain its classification as a state function
    • Write and balance thermochemical equations
    • Calculate enthalpy changes for various chemical reactions
    • Explain Hess’s law and use it to compute reaction enthalpies
    • Explain the technique of calorimetry
    • Calculate and interpret heat and related properties using typical calorimetry data

    Standard Enthalpies of Formation Table (useful for Hess' Law HW)

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