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Setups: Distillation

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    Below are the necessary steps to setup a distillation.

    Use a ring stand or a metal rack (as shown) to place all the pieces to together. A heat source, typically a bunson burner, is usually placed under the flask (not shown). Place the round bottom flask on an extenstion ring and clamp at the neck of the flask.


    Add a three-way adapter.


    Clamp a vacuum adapter to the ring stand or rack setup. Add a condenser to the vacuum adapter with a joint clip, being careful to steady the Condenser. Slide the open end of the condenser into the open end of the three-way adapter by carefully adjusting the clamps. Add a joint clip to the newly formed joint.


    Add an appropriately sized receiving flask by clamping it to the vacuum adapter with a joint clip. Add a thermometer adapter if necessary (not shown).


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