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There are a number of different possible lab experiments that utilize IC analysis, from one week experiments to semester long projects.

1) An experiment to cover one four hour lab period is the analysis of the ion content of bottled water. If you wish to use this as a dry lab exercise, sample data can be provided to students with the sample data set (in Excel), and chromatograms (in pdf) collected on a suite of bottled water samples in 2009.

2) An experiment that would cover 2-3 four hour lab periods:

-evaluating whether a stream is contaminated by road salt applications.

3) An project that could cover multiple weeks with more sample preparation due to more complex samples. This could easily be adapted for project based learning experiences.

- anions in fruit juices see Whelan et al, J Chem Ed 81(9), Sep 2004, 1299-1302.