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Appendix 1: Laboratory Project Proposal


The proposal must have a section that thoroughly describes the significance of the analysis project that is being undertaken.  It should include information about why the compounds being measured are important and why we care about them.  If the compounds are important in the environment or living systems, explain their significance and the effects they have that warrant their analysis.

Comparison of Prior Methods/Procedures

The proposal must have a thorough discussion of prior primary literature reports that describe the analysis of the compounds being measured.  This section should summarize, compare and contrast prior methods and findings.  If more recent literature describes improvements in methodology that are reportedly better than prior procedures, this progression of methodology should be noted.

Selection of Methods/Procedures

A discussion of the rationale for the particular methods and procedures that have been selected for implementation of the project must be provided.  Factors such as time, money, ease of implementation, and availability of equipment for certain procedures are all appropriate criteria to utilize and incorporate into the rationale.

Experimental Protocols

A thorough description of the experimental procedures and protocols that will be used in the implementation of the project must be provided.  This includes specific protocols and procedures for sampling (e.g., sampling procedure, number of samples, etc.), sample workup, preparation of standards, and sample measurement (e.g., chromatographic conditions).  Any specialized equipment that will be used in the project for sampling, sample workup, standard preparation, or measurement must be described.  An itemized list with cost of any equipment, chemicals or supplies that need to be purchased must be included.