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Learning Objectives

After completing a laboratory project, a student will be able to:

  1. Complete a literature search using Scifinder Scholar
  2. Using literature as a guide, devise a procedure for collecting samples
  3. Collect samples
  4. Identify a set of criteria to use to evaluate possible sample workup methods
  5. Use those criteria to compare, contrast, and critique different sample workup methods from the literature
  6. Apply those methods to the workup of the samples
  7. Modify sample workup methods if necessary
  8. Using literature as a guide, design a procedure to prepare standards
  9. Prepare a set of standards
  10. Validate an analysis method using appropriate procedures
  11. Operate the instrument necessary to complete the project
  12. Collect and present data in graphical and other appropriate forms
  13. Determine whether repetitive analyses are reproducible
  14. Interpret data and make judgments based on this interpretation
  15. Calculate the concentration of the analyte in the samples
  16. Explain the methods used to carry out the project
  17. Summarize the findings of the project
  18. Defend the conclusions of the project
  19. Communicate with group members in the execution of the project
  20. Negotiate with group members when making decisions about the project
  21. Collaborate with group members in writing a project proposal
  22. Develop respect in their ability to complete an independent project
  23. Develop respect for the skills of their group members
  24. Practice leadership skills
  25. Employ ethical practices in the utilization and interpretation of data
  26. Prepare and give an oral presentation using Powerpoint
  27. Write a final report that takes the form of a journal article
  28. Recommend future work for continuing the project