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EA8. Solutions for Selected Problems

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    Problem EA4.1.

    Two products are formed and they are enantiomers.

    Problem EA4.2.

    They are diastereomers. One chiral center has the same configuration in both compounds but the others are opposite.

    Problem EA4.3.

    The second bromine could occupy any of the secondary positions if there were a true carbocation. That doesn't happen; the second bromine occupies only the position next to the other bromine.

    Problem EA4.5.

    The nucleophile in the second step changes under different conditions.

    Problem EA4.6.

    Problem EA5.1.


    Problem EA5.2.

    Problem EA5.3.


    Problem EA5.4.

    Problem EA5.5.


    Problem EA6.2.

    Problem EA6.3.

    Crowding is more severe in the structure on the left than in the structure on the right. The structure on the right, representing an approach to the transition state of the reaction, is more favourable than the other one.

    Problem EA6.4.

    Problem EA6.5.

    Problem EA6.5.

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