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Homework 10: Nuclear Chemistry

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    How is nuclear fission different from nuclear fusion? Why are both of these nuclear processes exothermic?


    Plutonium-238 is potential source for heart pacemaker batteries with a 87.74 year half-life. Calculate the activity in units of curies for 0.50 g of pure plutonium-238 used is a pacemaker battery. Why is Plutonium-238 a good power source in a pacemaker?


    What is the age of mummified primate skin that contains 4.125% of the original quantity of 14C?


    Radioactive Rn-222 is known to accumulate in basement of buildings and constitute a health risk.


    What is the parent primary natural radionuclide the produces the Rn-222?


    Write the reaction for the nuclear decay of radon-222.


    Why are none of the intermediate radionuclides and the parent radionuclide considered a health risk?


    Cobalt-60 has a half-life of 5.26 yr. The cobalt-60 in a radiotherapy unit must be replaced when its radioactivity falls 75% of the original sample. If the original sample was purchased in July 2008, when should you replace the cobalt-60 sample?


    What is the difference between electrons and β- particles?


    Write the nuclear reactions for the following:

    1. the α decay of 238Pu
    2. the negatron (negative beta particle) decay of 60Co
    3. the positron decay of 11C
    4. the electron capture decay of 208Bi
    5. the neutron-induced fisson of 235U into 144Ba, γ and two neutrons


    Write the balanced equation for the beta decay of 14C.


    Write the balanced equation for the positron emission decay of 22Na.


    Write the balanced equation for electron capture in 207Bi.


    Write the balanced equation for the alpha decay of 238U.

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