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  • This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1043566. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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    Kate Graham (CSB/SJU), Ed McIntee (CSB/SJU), Brian Johnson (CSB/SJU), Brad DeLeeuw (CSB/SJU), Neil Tomson (Los Alamos), Marya Lieberman (Notre Dame), Kurt Rublein (Lock Haven), Sibil Oksayan​ (Alphington Grammar School, Victoria, Australia), Chelsi Webster, My Nguyen, Abby Braun, Emily Nelson, Bardia Bijani Aval, Noah Wood, Olivia Solano, Ramesh, Skye Flohrs-Nelson, Eduardo Lagos, Faith Bergeman.

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