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12: Metabolic Pathways

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    • 12.1: Metabolic Maps Home Page
      Now its time to see how the various pathways fit together to form an integrated set of pathways. Metabolic map pathways are by nature very messy and complex. I've created a series of maps below which display some important anabolic and catabolic pathways and how they connect. Many pathways have been omitted. These maps will evolve with time as more relevant information is added.
    • 12.2: Regulation of Metabolic Pathways A - How is Enzyme Activity Regulated?
      Exquisite mechanisms have evolved that control the flux of metabolites through metabolic pathways to insure that the output of the pathways meets biological demand and that energy in the form of ATP is not wasted by having opposing pathways run concomitantly in the same cell.
    • 12.3: Regulation of Metabolic Pathways B - Which Enzymes Are Optimal for Regulation?
      All proteins are ultimately regulated, if only by modulating the rates of their synthesis and degradation. However, some enzymes positioned at key points in metabolic pathways are ideal candidates for regulation, as their activity can affect the output of entire pathways. These enzymes typically have two common characteristics, they catalyze reactions far from equilibrium and they catalyze early committed steps in pathways.

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