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2: The Cell

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    • 2.1: An Overview from a Chemistry Perspective
      A biological description of a cell often lists organelles and what each does.  Here is a chemist's perspective!
    • 2.2: Lipids
      The cell has many structurally diverse lipids?  Where are they and what do they do?
    • 2.3: Proteins
      Proteins are everywhere and are involved in everything from catalysis to protection, from movement to memory, from structure to signaling.
    • 2.4: Nucleic Acids
      Nucleic acids and their "life history" from the nucleus to the cytoplasm!
    • 2.5: Carbohydrates
      Carbohydrates are among the most complex molecules in the cells to study and understand.  Here's where you'll find monsaccahrides, polysaccharides and complex carbohydrate structures.

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