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    1. Using the alphabet, answer the following:
    a) how many letters have a mirror plane? 26
    b) how many letters have more than one mirror plane? 15
    c) how many letters have a rotational axis? 17
    d) which letter has the highest ordered rotational axis? I (assuming cylinder) or (O assuming circle)
    e) which letters have an inversion center? H, I, N, O, S, X, Z

    2. Determine all of the symmetry elements in each of the following:

    your left shoe E eclipsed ethane E, C3, 3C2,sh, 3sv, S3
    Fe(CO)5 E, C3, 3C2, sh, 3sv, S3 CHF3 E, C3, 3sv
    CF2H2 E, C2, 2sv CFH3 E, C3, 3sv
    IBr4+ E, C2, 2sv COS E, Cinf, inf sv
    IBr4- E, C4, 4C2, sh, 4sv, i, S4 SO2 E, C2, 2sv
    HF E, Cinf, inf sv F2 E, Cinf, inf C2, sh, inf sv, i, Sinf
    BFCl2 E, C2, 2sv BFClBr E, sh
    CoCl3(OH2)- E, C3, 3sv Cu(CN)3 E, C3, 3C2, sh, 3sv, S3

    inf = infinity

    3. Determine the point group for each of the following:(point group flow chart)

    SF6 Oh eclipsed ethane D3h
    CH4 Td CHF3 C3v
    CF2H2 C2v CFH3 C3v
    IBr4+ C2v COS Cinfv
    IBr4- D4h SO2 C2v
    HF Cinfv F2 Dinfh
    BFCl2 C2v BFClBr Cs
    CoCl3(OH2)- C3v Cu(CN)3 (planar) D3h
    Ni(CO)4 Td Fe(CO)5 D3h
    your left shoe C1 a round doorknob Cinfv

    inf = infinity

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