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Gases I (Worksheet)

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    The typical atmospheric pressure on top of Mt. Everest is about 265 torr. Convert this pressure to:

    1. atm
    2. mmHg
    3. pascals


    A fixed quantity of gas at 23°C exhibits a pressure of 735 torr and occupies a volume of 5.22 L

    1. Calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the pressure is increased to 1.88 atm while temp is held constant.
    2. Calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the temperature is increased to 165 °C while the pressure is held constant.


    Calculate the number of molecules in a deep breath of air whose volume is 2.50L at body temperature, 37°C and a pressure of 735 torr.


    A scuba diver’s tank contains 0.29 kg of \(O_2\) compressed into a volume of 2.3 L.

    1. Calculate the gas pressure inside the tank at 9°C
    2. What volume would this oxygen occupy at 26°C and 0.95 atm?


    A mixture containing 0,538 mol He (g), 0.315 mol Ne (g), and 0.103 mol Ar (g) is confined in a 7.00 L vessel at 25°C.

    1. Calculate the partial pressure of each of the gases in the mixture
    2. Calculate the total pressure


    A sample of 4.00 mL of diethylether (\(C_2H_5OC_2H_5\), density = 0.7134 g/mL) is introduced into a 5.00 L vessel that already contains a mixture of \(N_2\) and \(O_2\), whose partial pressures are \(pN_2 = 0.715 \; atm\) and \(pO_2 = 0.208\; atm\). The temperature is held at 35.0 °C and the diethylether totally evaporates.

    1. Calculate the partial pressure of the diethylether.
    2. Calculate the total pressure of the container.

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