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Bohr Atomic Model (Worksheet)

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    What part of the periodic table tells you the number of protons found in the nucleus of the atom of that element?


    By using the periodic table how did you determine how many neutrons are in the most common isotope of an element?


    How many electrons are needed to fill the first energy level?____

    The second energy level? ____

    Third energy level (if it is not the outermost level)? ____


    Which two atoms will have their outer energy level filled with 2 electrons?


    What are valence electrons?


    What do valence electrons determine about an element?


    What is the importance of 8 valence electrons? (see pg. 228) Which atoms need only 2 valence electrons to have a filled outer level?


    What do all noble (inert) gases have in common? Why don’t noble gases react with other elements? (see page 228)


    What is in common between all the elements in the same column in the periodic table? (see page 228 - top)


    Why does sodium want to bond with chlorine? Remember that an atom wants to have 8 valence electrons. Explain how the giving and taking of electrons works between sodium and chlorine. (see Fig. 4 p. 233)

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