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  • Write the formula for each of the acids listed below:

    Nitric acid HNO3
    Hydrocyanic acid HCN (aq)
    Chloric acid HClO3
    Acetic acid CH3COOH
    Hydrobromic acid HBr (aq)
    Sulfurous acid H2SO3
    Chlorous acid HClO2
    Boric acid H3BO3
    Hydrochloric acid HCl (aq)
    Phosphoric acid H3PO4
    Nitrous acid HNO2
    Hydrofluoric acid HF (aq)
    Perchloric acid HClO4
    Hydroiodic acid HI (aq)
    Phosphorous acid H3PO3
    Carbonic acid H2CO3
    Sulfuric acid H2SO4
    Formic acid HCOOH

    Name each of the following acids:

    HClO4 perchloric acid
    HCOOH formic acid
    H3PO4 phosphoric acid
    HCl (aq) hydrochloric acid
    H3BO3 boric acid
    H2SO4 sulfuric acid
    HNO2 nitrous acid
    HI (aq) hydroiodic acid
    CH3COOH acetic acid
    HF (aq) hydrofluoric acid
    H3PO3 phosphorous acid
    HCN (aq) hydrocyanic acid
    HClO3 chloric acid
    H2CO3 carbonic acid
    H2SO3 sulfurous acid
    HClO2 chlorous acid
    HNO3 nitric acid
    HBr (aq) hydrobromic acid
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