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20.1: Introduction

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  • Experimental Objectives: To extract the essential oils from various spices by steam distillation and characterize the structures using spectroscopy data.

    Readings: Pages 502-506 from the laboratory textbook, as indicated in the syllabus. 

    Advance Preparation (one week earlier)

    Your lab instructor will assign one of the following spices to each group:

    a) Cinnamon

    b) Cumin

    c) Caraway

    1. Weigh 2g of the spice and crack it into smaller pieces. There is no need to grind it into a powder or a paste, just smaller pieces. 

    2. Place the cracked spice into an erlenmeyer flask and add 15mL water. Swirl a few times.

    3. Seal the flask with parafilm or aluminum foil and allow it to stand in the drawer for a week.

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