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    1. Show the electron configuration for the transition metal cation using the box notation in the table.
    2. Indicate if the complex is paramagnetic or not in the final column of the table.
    3. Complete the ‘oxidation number’ column of the table below by working out the oxidation number of each of the transition metal cations.
    4. Complete the ‘d configuration’ column in the table by working out z for each of the transition metal ions.

    This has been completed for the complexes in the first two rows of the table.

    Coordination Compound or Complex Oxidation Number d Configuration Electron Arrangement Paramagnetic?
    K2[NiCl4] +2 d8 8.png Yes
    [Cr(en)3]Br3 +3 d3 2-1.png Yes
    Na[MnO4] +7 d0 2.png No
    (NH4)2[CoCl4] +2 d7 7.png Yes
    [Cr(NH3)5(H2O)]Cl3 +3 d3 2-1.png Yes
    [Zn(en)2Cl2] +2 d10 1-1.png No
    Pt(NH3)Cl2 +2 d8 8.png Yes


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