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3.E: Homework Chapter 3 Answers

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  • General Questions

    1. Atoms

    3. In geometric patterns with long range, repeating order

    5. Chemical change

    7. No, the law of conservation of mass

    9. The measure of thermal energy

    11. Element and compound

    Classifying Matter

    13.        a. Element

                  b. Compound

                  c. Element

                  d. Compound


                  a. Solid: oscillate/vibrate around a fixed point

                  b. Liquid: Free to move relative to one another

                  c. Gas: Free to move relative to one another

    17.        a. Mixture, homogenous

                  b. Mixture, heterogeneous

                  c. Pure substance, element

                  d. Pure substance, compound

    19.        Gases

    Physical and Chemical Properties and Physical and Chemical Changes

    21.        a. Chemical

                  b. Physical

                  c. Physical

                  d. Chemical

    23.        a. Chemical change

                  b. Chemical change

                  c. Physical property

                  d. Physical property

                  e. Physical property

                  f. Physical change

    25.        Physical properties are displayed without changing the composition of a substance (color, odor, density, etc.) and chemical properties are displayed only through the change in a substance’s composition (flammability, ability to rust, etc.).

    27. Chemical

    29. Physical                                                                            

    31. Chemical

    Conservation of Mass

    33. In chemical and physical changes, the amount of mass must remain constant.

    35. 7.3 g

    37. 507.6 g


    Converting Between Temperature Scales

    39. 7.2° C

    41. 195 K

    43. 212° F

    Challenge Problems

    45. 373 K, 212 ° F

    47. From left to right: Atomic element, Molecular element, Compound, Mixture


    49. From left to right:  Pure Substance, Pure Substance, Mixture, Mixture

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