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7.1: Definitions - Books, Remixes, and TextMaps

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    There are three general classes of texts found in the LibreTexts: "Textbooks, "Remixes" and "Textmaps".

    • Textbooks are texts that are original content that have integrated content into our library and are identified by "Book:" in their titles.
    • Remixes are texts are created from existing OER content although often has topical or extensive editing by the remixing team to customize the text for the needs of an instructor or team of instructors. Constructing Remixes on the LibreTexts platform is facilitated by the OER Remixer tool. The title of the Remix often starts with the campus acronym (e.g., the Chemistry 110A remix at the University of California is "UCD: Chem 110A Introductory Quantum Mechanics")
    • Textmaps are specialized remixes that are constructed to follow the organization of existing commercial textbooks. Textmaps facilitate adoption by faculty that are unable to switch from a commercial textbook to an OER alternative; these texts are identified by "Map:" in their titles.

    Ethics and Legality of Textmaps

    There was a court case in 1980 where the complaint was dismissed because, although the structure was the same, the "expression" i.e. writing was distinct. The more recent case from late 2018 says structure is part of the overall picture, and should be considered. It may be copyrightable if it were super creative, but not if it was "indispensable or standard" for the subject matter (494 F. Supp. 218). More from the case: "Similarities in chapter arrangement or structure matter less than the expressive content contain therein. Cf. Morrison v. Solomons, 494 F.Supp. 218, 225 (S.D.N.Y. 1980) (“The significant question is not whether titles of subchapters and chapters are the same but rather whether the explanation or treatment of the subject matter within them is substantially similar.”)."

    7.1: Definitions - Books, Remixes, and TextMaps is shared under a CC BY 1.3 license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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