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3.2: Adding Automatic Organizations and Thumbnails

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  • A common template used in the LibreTexts is the portfolio template that use used to make a dynamic, all-inclusive and easy to maintain table of contents of all daughter pages. For examples, adding the text


    on a page will make up the following 2-by-n organization with each daughter page associated with a thumbnail image.


    Figure: Portfolio template with thumbnails for the LibreTexts section


    A page thumbnail is an image you can add to any article that will automaticaly show up after using the ShowOrg template discussed above (red arrows below).


    Adding that text is fairly easy, but adding thumbnails is):

    • Step 1: The page must be classified as "Book/Unit" and not "Chapter" or "Section/Page" (refresh page if you switch it)
    • Step 2: The "page setting" grey bare just above the page title will need to be clicked
    • Step 3: The left box should say "Add page thumbnail" and if you hover over it you will see a little blue pencil in its upper right hand corner. Click that.
    • Step 4: Now click "Browse" to select the file from your file system.


    Images should be prepared with a 150 pixels hight.

    To remove a page thumbnail, hover over the thumbnail image in Page settings and click the Delete (X) icon.