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2.4: Adding Videos (YouTube)

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  • Currently the best way to add videos is to link to YouTube videos. although other streaming platforms will work. The following steps can be use to embed YouTube video.

    Step 1

    Identify the URL of the video you want. This is typically done by finding the video and copying the URL from the webbrowser URL line. For the video below, the URL is ""


    Step 2

    Select "Elements" in the toolbar and select "video".

    Video 2.png

    Step 3

    Page the URL into the "Video URL" line and select the video on panel below. You can use this as a search through YouTube for different videos (however most people just use Google search directly outside of the LibreTexts platform). Press "Insert Video."

    Video 3a.png

    Step 4

    The video will appear as an integrated part of the page but will be streaming from YouTube. You can scale the video down (recommended), if too large.

    Video 3.png

    Step 5

    Add a caption to the video just like with figures. It is recommended that the URL of the video be added to the caption


    This is the video embedded into this page after following the above steps: