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3.1: How to Login and Reach Your Sandbox

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    Enter the username and password you have been provided to log in. Credentials are specific to each library.


    After you log in the bar turns black and you now have an edit button and more. 

    2020-03-03_20-15-00.png Select the image to the far right on the now black bar. This opens a drop-down menu. Click on the topmost entry, Your Sandbox and you will be taken to your sandbox


    You are now in the sandbox area.  The next step is to select your personal sandbox by clicking on it 2020-03-03_20-21-22.png



    Notice that two new symbols have appeared on the black bar, the first with the pen in it will allow you to edit any pages in your sandbox, and the second with a + sign allows you to create new books, chapters and pages. 

    The third symbol is for accessing the remixer to create new LibreTexts out of sections you select of old ones, the fourth is the download center with pdf files of all of the LibreTexts in the library.


    The fifth symbol with the gears in it gives you access to functions that can be used to build your LibreTexts.  They are relatively self explanatory 2020-03-03_20-37-53.png


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