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Comprehensive Electrophilic Addition Resources

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  • Michigan State Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

    Electrophilic Additions


    Addition Pattern #1 – The Carbocation pathway

    Alkene Addition Pattern #2 – The 3-Membered Ring Pathway

    Alkene Addition Pattern #3 – The “Concerted” Pathway

    Summary: Alkene Addition Pathways

    Carey 4th Edition On-Line Activity


    Slide Presentations

    Presentation on addition reactions to alkenes

    Addition of HX and XY to alkenes presentation

    Web Pages

    Messy summary page

    Electrophilic addition to alkenes and alkynes

    Electrophilic addition to alkenes

    Addition of electrophiles to alkenes

    Electrophillic addition to alkenes

    Electrophilic addition to alkenes = reverse of elimination

    **Electrophilic addition to silicon substituted alkenes


    Addition to alkenes

    Addition to alkenes lecture video

    Addition of electrophiles to alkenes video

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