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3.1: Some DOS commands

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    Your windows computer using the DOS operating system.   Since you will be running Anaconda and Thonny on your laptop you need to know a few DOS commands to instal and update your programs.  When working on the Raspberry Pi you will be using Debian, which is a form of Linux, and those command line options are in other sections of this appendice.

    To start the command prompt type "Command Prompt" in the Start Menu, or use the keyboard shortcult "Windows key + R" and then type cmdd

    clipboard_e2c3c97f04e846703e34551ce59d39d3f.pngFigure \(\PageIndex{1}\): activating the command prompt on a windows 10 machine.

    We will use very few commands in DOS and these will mostly be for updating Anaconda (and thus python), and so we will use the Anaconda Prompt (Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\).

    clipboard_e6e015e5481169501d035dd0663a012eb.pngFigure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Activating the Anaconda Prompt through Windows Start Menu

    The following commands a

    To see what is installed type:

    conda list

    To update conda type:

    conda update anaconda
    (if that does not work try)
    conda update -n base conda



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