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2.4 Day 4 Procedure - Determination of Purity and Calculations

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  • Day 4 - Determination of Purity and Calculations

    Determine the weight of each component and verify its identity by determining the melting points of the isolated components. If a component is not of satisfactory purity, it should be recrystallized. Acetyl ferrocene is recrystallized from hexane; diacetylferrocene from chloroform*-hexane.

    Calculate the percent yield of each isolated component from the acetylation reaction. Check with your TA then safely discard all samples of ferrocene, acetylferrocene, and any other products into the appropriately labeled Ferrocene waste container.

    Compound mp (°C) Ref.
    Acetylferrocene 84.0-84.5 10
    Diacetylferrocene 127.5-128.5 11
      130-131 12

    Table I: Melting points of Acetylferrocene Compounds


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