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3.1 Day 2 Prelab

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    1. Describe the structure of the \([Co(NH_3)_5Cl]Cl_2\).

    2. Calculate the theoretical yield for this reaction

    3. Describe the Beer’s law.

    4. What are the molar absorption coefficient and its units?.

    5. Which one of the following can form geometric isomers?

    a) \([AgCl_2]\)   

    b) \([Co(H_2O)_5Cl]^{2+}\) 

    c) \(Ni(H_2O)_2Br_2\)



    6. The transmittance of a 0.010 M solution of a compound in a 0.100-cm pathlength cell is T=8.23 percent. Find the absorbance (A) and the molar absorptivity (\(\epsilon\)).

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