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What is unique about ChemReaX

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    • ChemReaXTM allows users to construct a virtually unlimited variety of chemical reactions using the 1200+ species in the internal database, and automatically verifies the validity of the equations and/or automatically balances the equations. It also comes with over 80 pre-defined reactions that can be quickly selected under 10 different categories.
    • Simulates a given reaction from the initial conditions until it reaches a final equilibrium state using an event-driven simulation algorithm, and accurately generates the final concentrations of all reaction components based on initial concentrations (or partial pressures) and temperature.
    • Evaluates the effects of pressure changes at equilibrium and produces the pressure-adjusted final compositions of products and reactants.
    • Simulates reaction kinetics utilizing a reaction-rate model (with user-defined parameters) based on a time-driven simulation algorithm, and displays the reactant/product compositions graphically as a function of time.
    • Simulates acid-base titrations utilizing the same underlying simulation technology used for general reactions.
    • Puts a powerful modeling and simulation capability in the hands of chemistry students and teachers. It is not an animation tool, but a real simulation tool -- similar to tools used in industry -- that can help with serious scientific study and inquiry and enable an investigative/experimental approach to learning chemistry.
    • Provides the largest free online database of chemical thermodynamic properties as a function of temperature.
    • ChemReaXTM is web-based and hosted on the cloud. There is nothing to install on the user's computer and any web browser will do for accessing the tool.