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General H001: Density

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  • The following questions are multiple choice; clearly circle the answer which you think is the most appropriate. These questions are for self-testing only, and are not suitable for assignments or exams.

    1. A block of metal has a mass of 14.0 kg and a volume of 2.0 L. What is the density?

    A 14.0 kg/L
    B 7.0 kg/L
    C 2.0 kg/L
    D 0.5 kg/L
    E 0.14 kg/L

    2. Ethyl acetate, an organic liquid, has a density of 0.90 kg/L. What is the mass of 2.0 L of ethyl acetate?

    A 0.50 kg
    B 0.90 kg
    C 1.0 kg
    D 1.8 kg
    E 2.0 kg

    3.A large family car produces 8000 kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) in a year, contributing to global warming. What volume of CO2 is produced? The density of carbon dioxide is 2.0 g/L. (NOTE: grams/L not kilograms.)

    A 0.00025 L
    B 4000 L
    C 16000 L
    D 4000000 L
    E 16000000 L

    4.A bottle of sulfuric acid has a mass of 3.62 kg and a density of 1.81 kg/L. What is the volume?

    A 0.50 L
    B 1.0 L
    C 1.81 L
    D 2.0 L
    E 3.62 L

    5.A block of plastic has a mass of 2.72 kg and a volume of 3.13 L. What is the density?

    A 0.869 kg/L
    B 0.933 kg/L
    C 1.15 kg/L
    D 1.37 kg/L
    E 8.51 kg/L

    6.A sample of helium gas has a volume of 1.37 L. Helium has a density of 0.179 g/L. What is the mass in grams?

    A 0.131 g
    B 0.245 g
    C 1.37 g
    D 4.08 g
    E 7.65 g

    7.A bottle contains 39.5 g of liquid perfluorooctane (density 1.77 g/mL). What is the volume of the liquid?

    A 0.0448 mL
    B 10.1 mL
    C 22.3 mL
    D 47.0 mL
    E 69.9 mL

    8.A solid gold royal crown, density 18.4 kg/L, weighs 1.84kg. If the crown were placed into a completely full bathtub of water, what volume of water would be displaced?

    A 1.84 L
    B 18.4 L
    C 10 L
    D 1.0 L
    E 0.10 L

    9.A batch of crude paracetamol weighed 370 kg when wet with a solvent, ethanol. During the drying process, 100 L ethanol (density 0.79 kg/L) was removed. What mass of dry paracetamol remained?

    A 470 kg
    B 449 kg
    C 291 kg
    D 270 kg
    E 79 kg

    10.Molten iron metal (density 7.55 kg/L) is flowing out of a furnace, which originally contained 10,000 kg (10 tonnes) metal. So far, the steel workers have collected 40 ingots that are each 25 L in size. Assuming the density of iron stays the same, how many more ingots can they expect to collect?

    A 53
    B 40
    C 27
    D 17
    E 13


    1. B

    2. D

    3. D

    4. D

    5. A

    6. B

    7. C

    8. E

    9. C

    10. E