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General A002: Empirical and molecular formulae

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  • The following questions are multiple choice; clearly circle the answer which you think is the most appropriate. These questions are for self-testing only, and are not suitable for assignments or exams.

    1. Select all of the following molecular formulae is consistent with an empirical formula of CH2O? (More than one correct answer is possible)

    A C2H4O2
    B C2H6O3
    C C3H6O3
    D C4H10O4
    E C6H12O5

    2. An anhydrous salt of copper is found to contain 52.7% chlorine and 47.3% copper by mass. What is the empirical formula for this salt?

    A CuCl
    B CuCl2
    C CuCl3
    D CuCl4
    E Cu2Cl3

    3. A simple organic compound contains 35.3% carbon, 8.9% hydrogen and 55.8% fluorine by mass. Calculate its empirical formula.

    A CHF3
    B CH2F2
    C C2H3F3
    D CH3F
    E C2H5F

    4. An oxide of nitrogen contains 36.8% nitrogen and 63.2% oxygen by mass. Calculate its empirical formula.

    A N2O
    B NO
    C N2O3
    D NO2
    E N2O5

    5. A salt of silver contains 63.5% silver, 8.2% nitrogen and 28.2% oxygen by mass. Calculate the empirical formula for this salt.

    A AgNO2
    B AgNO3
    C AgN2O3
    D AgNO4
    E AgN2O4


    1. A & C

    2. B

    3. D

    4. C

    5. B