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Carbon tetrachloride

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    • Molecular formula: CCl4
    • Molar mass: 153.823
    • CAS Registry Number: 56-23-5
    • Appearance: Colorless liquid with a characteristic ether-like odor.; colourless liquid
    • Melting point: -23 °C
    • Boiling point: 77 °C
    • Solubility: Water, 793 mg/L (25 deg C)
    • Safety sheet: Not available
    • Spectra: ChemSpider (IR), Massbank MS (123456), also check on SDBSAdd Spectra (Help).

    From Wikipedia

    Carbon tetrachloride, also known by many other names (the most notable being tetrachloromethane, also recognized by the IUPAC), carbon tet in the cleaning industry, Halon-104 in firefighting and Refrigerant-10 in HVACR, is an organic compound with the chemical formula CCl4. It was formerly widely used in fire extinguishers, as a precursor to refrigerants and as a cleaning agent. It is a colourless liquid with a "sweet" smell that can be detected at low levels. It has practically no flammability at lower temperatures.

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    Other names

    Tetrachloromethane (IUPAC Name); Carbon tet; Tetrachloro-methane; Perchloromethane; tetrachlorocarbon