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Fast Green FCF

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    • Molecular formula: C37H34N2Na2O10S3
    • Molar mass: 808.848
    • CAS Registry Number: 2353-45-9
    • Appearance: Fast Green FCF; Fast Green FCF; green powder
    • Melting point: 290
    • Boiling point: Not available
    • Solubility: Not available
    • Safety sheet: Not available
    • Spectra: Check on SDBSAdd Spectra (Help).

    From Wikipedia

    Fast Green FCF, also called Food green 3FD&C Green No. 3Green 1724Solid Green FCF, and C.I. 42053, is a sea greentriarylmethane food dye. Its E number is E143.

    Fast Green FCF is recommended as a replacement of Light Green SF yellowish in Masson's trichrome, as its color is more brilliant and less likely to fade. It is used as a quantitative stain for histones at alkaline pH after acid extraction of DNA. It is also used as a protein stain in electrophoresis. Its absorption maximum is at 625 nm.

    Fast Green FCF is poorly absorbed by the intestines. Its use as a food dye is prohibited in European Union and some other countries. It can be used for tinned green peas and other vegetables, jelliessauces, fishdesserts, and dry bakery mixes at level of up to 100 mg/kg. In the United States, Fast Green FCF is the least used of the seven main FDA approved dyes.

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