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    • Molecular formula: C4H8O
    • Molar mass: 72.106
    • CAS Registry Number: 78-84-2
    • Appearance: Isobutyraldehyde, 98%; Isobutyraldehyde, 98%; colourless, mobile liquid with a sharp, pungent odour; colourless liquid with an extremely unpleasant smell
    • Melting point: -65 °C
    • Boiling point: 63 to 64 °C
    • Solubility: Water, 8.9e+004 mg/L (25 deg C)
    • Safety sheet: Not available
    • Spectra: NMRShiftDB 13C NMR, Massbank MS (1, 2, 3, 4), also check on SDBS. Add Spectra (Help).

    From Wikipedia

    Isobutyraldehyde is the chemical compound with the formula (CH3)2CHCHO. It is an aldehyde, isomeric with n-butyraldehyde(butanal). Isobutyraldehyde is manufactured, often as a side-product, by the hydroformylation of propene. Its odour is described as that of wet cereal or straw. It undergoes the Cannizaro reaction even though it has alpha hydrogen atom.

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    Other names

    2-Methylpropanal (IUPAC Name); 2-Methyl-propanal

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