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3: Chemical Reactions

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    3.1: Introduction to Chemical Equations


    Identify Reactants and Products


    3.2: Classifying Reactions by What Atoms Do


    Conceptional Questions


    Single and Double-Displacement Reactions


    Composition, Decomposition, and Combustion Reactions


    Identify Reaction Types


    3.3: Balancing Chemical Equations




    Balancing Equations


    3.4: Aqueous Solutions


    Solubility Rules



    3.5: Precipitation Reactions


    Molecular, Complete Ionic and Net Ionic Equations


    Dissociation in Water 


    Complete Ionic Equations


    Net Ionic Equations and Spectator Ions


    3.6: Acid-Base Reactions


    Arrhenius Acid and Base


    Predict Products


    Balance Equations


    Complete and Net Ionic Equations


    3.7: Redox Reactions




    Movement of Electrons


    Oxidation Numbers


    Redox by Oxidation Numbers


    3.8: Gas Evolution Reactions


    Balance Gas Formation Equations


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