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Answers to More Chapter 22 Study Questions

    1. 1a.png

    2. 1b nonane.png                                   

      1b 2,4-dimethylheptane.png

lots of other isomers possible


  1. 5-ethyl-3,5,7-trimethyl nonane


    1. 3a.png

    2. 3b.png     or     3b 2.png
    3. Yes


    1. 4a.png                          

    2. 4b 1.png     and     4b 2.png

    1. addition, 
      5a 1.png,  or  5a 2.png 
    2. condensation, polyamide, copolymer
      5b 1.png     and   5b 2.png


  1. condensation, polyester          

homopolymer       5c.png