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    This is the summer 2020 online general chemistry lab course at UALR that was developed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was taught completely online.  This course involves a mixture of virtual labs (Chemcollective and Phet), kitchen chemistry and IOT (Internet of Things) data streams. As the course was developed in rapid response to COVID-19 we did not have time to get authority for students to do labs with chemicals in their homes, and so many of the experiments were performed by the TA at home. In this course we used Google Classroom as a platform for all assignments, Zoom Breakout Rooms that allowed students to work in small groups where they could collaboratively edit Google Docs and Google Sheets. The Instructor/TA(s) would then move from breakout room to breakout room  This entire course was developed over a period of 3 weeks and the IOT components used a Raspberry Pi to stream data collected with Vernier probes to Google Sheets in real time.

    All of the assignments were originally in Google Doc format, but have been converted to MS Word and PDF documents in order to attach them to these LibreText pages.  We have created a restricted access site for instructional material dealing with the integration of Google Classroom into LibreText.  To access this material you need to have a LibreText account that is designed for instructors.  If you wish to use Zoom Breakout rooms you need to upload the MS Word Docs to Google Clas  The documents that students used are added to the assignments in this lab manual section of LibreText.  There is a special Instructor Resources site that only faculty with instructions on how to setup Google Classroom and add these documents in the course information section of this lab. 

    You can download individual and group assignments for each lab in Word or PDF format. Look for the file download links at the beginning of each section.

    Laboratory is shared under a not declared license and was authored, remixed, and/or curated by LibreTexts.

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