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Fatty Acid Catabolism

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  • (22) What type of reaction is necessary to create the products of the initial stage of fatty acid catabolism? Identify the products? What about for the second stage? Can the third stage be summarized in this way? Why or why not?

    (23) Explain the process for the body obtaining fatty acids from our diets. What molecules are responsible for delivering fatty acids into the body? Are fatty acids ever consumed directly or only as part of large biomolecules?

    (24) If the bloodstream is aqueous, can lipids dissolve into it for transport? If not, what alternative route through the body do lipids use for transport? Give a brief summary of how a triglyceride goes from entering the digestive system to the specific passages in the body they travel through.

    (25) Lipoproteins have a membrane structure similar to that of cell membranes. Which portion, the exterior and interior, are polar and which are non-polar? Which lipoproteins have the greater densities, those with more protein in their composition or less protein?

    (26) Based on your previous answer, where would you be more likely to find the lipids in a lipoprotein? Where would you be more likely to find the protein?

    (27) Cells contain many organelles with many different purposes and functions. Which organelle is responsible for beta-oxidation? What stage of fatty acid catabolism is this?

    (28) How many steps are involved in beta-oxidation? What types of reactions does each step entail? Are any of them more frequent than others?

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