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Parenting Styles

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    Parenting Styles

    The way we communicate with our parents and the relationship we form with them has a lot to do with their parenting style.

    What is a parenting style? Great question! A parenting style is one of three ways a guardian "parents."

    Take this questionnaire to find the parenting style of your parent or guardian attached.

    If you feel comfortable, ask the guardian who you used as the basis of your questionnaire to complete a parenting questionnaire based upon him/her self. When he/she is complete, compare your answers with your guardians.

    It is interesting to see how your guardian views their parenting style compared with how you view them as a parent. Allow this to be a conversation that has the possibility of understanding and acknowledgement. Please understand that all parenting styles have great qualities and there is not a "wrong" or " incorrect" style. Many parents do the same or just the opposite of what their parents did with them.

    Please share your results on the next page in the assignment submission area~